How will my program be organized?

Once you fill in the medical questionnaire and attach your photograph (along with any other required documentation), we will contact you within 24 hours. We'll provide you with complete information about the required procedure, the attending physician and answer all of your questions. If your operation is approved by the attending physician and you opt for our services, we will set an operation date based upon your wishes and the dates available at the clinic. After receiving confirmation, we will request you to secure airline tickets and select from our accommodation offers and offers of accompanying services. As soon as we have received confirmation of the airline ticket, we will prepare a complete itinerary for you. Accommodation at a location outside the hospital is ordinarily necessary for one day prior to intake at the clinic (after arrival in Brno) and 2 to 4 days after being released from the hospital (depending upon the type of operation).

Our driver will await you in the arrival terminal when you fly into Brno. He will carry a sign showing our agency name and your name. He will help you with your luggage and take you directly to your hotel. For your total comfort and convenience, your transport will take place in a  Range Rover  vehicle. You will have free time available during your accommodation which you may fill using one of our services (dinner reservations, city tours, a relaxation trip to a wellness center, etc.) or arrange as you wish.

The following morning, our driver will pick you up at the hotel and take you to the clinic. Once at the clinic, reception personnel will go over all the necessities with you, then place you in the care of the attending physician and nurses in the inpatient section of the hospital.  The attending physician will discuss the operation selected with you. A complete preoperative examination will be conducted on this day, including an internal examination (laboratory blood and urine tests, EKG), discussion with the anesthesiologist and examination in the imaging department (x-ray, ultrasound). If you have come for bariatric surgery, the preoperative examination will be expanded to include a psychological evaluation, endoscopic evaluation, spirometry and endocrinology. If the results of all these examinations are in order, you will undergo your surgical procedure the same day. Before the procedure, the anesthesiologist will visit you and provide calming drugs, so-called premedication. After the operation, you will be monitored in the special postoperative department – the so-called "recovery" department – until you have awakened and stabilized. As soon as all your functions have stabilized, you will be transferred to your room. You will also be monitored remotely for the first day after your surgery.

On succeeding days, you will be in the care of the attending physician and nurses in the inpatient department, until the date planned for your release. If you feel up to it, you can go for walks in our park, visit the restaurant or make use of supplementary services such as those offered by the hairdresser, cosmetician, manicurist, pedicurist, etc. On the day of your release, you will receive complete documentation, instructions on aftercare and a package of essential items to take with you.

After your release from the clinic, the driver will pick you up and take you to the hotel, where you will remain until the designated day of your departure. During this time, you will undergo postoperative monitoring at the clinic, for which our driver will once again pick you up and take you back. In addition to the designated control checks, you may, of course, contact your physician at any time and request additional monitoring. We will once again provide the transport.

On the day of your departure, the clinic driver will pick you up at your hotel at the time scheduled on your itinerary, help you with your luggage and take you directly to the airport.

Throughout the period of your stay in Brno, you will have our representative at your disposal 24 hours a day, whom you may turn to for help on any matter whatsoever.

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